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3 modes in My NBA 2K17 - Quick game, Blacktop Challenges and Season

2017-01-04 21:02:53

2K has already had Cat Daddy games release My NBA 2K 17, which just so happens to have shot right to the top of the U.S. App Store charts. You know the name is really similar with basketball video game NBA 2K17. But in fact, it’s really different. My NBA 2K17 is a card game. Does this mean you need to know something about basketball, like if LeBron James is faster than Stephen Curry? Nope. The values on the player cards don’t really correspond to real life. Here we will bring you the basic modes in My NBA 2K17.

Quick Game
The first mode you can access is also the simplest. You bring your starting lineup of five cards and pick from one of four opponents. The game consists of four match-ups, and you score more points in the simulated quarter if you win one. If you have more points at the end of four quarters, you win the game and receive more rewards for doing so.

Blacktop Challenge
This is a fast-paced mode that pits you against nine other players’teams in timed rounds. The idea is to challenge other squads for Quick Game-like showdowns and win as many as possible in a limited amount of time. Taking on and defeating higher ranked players earns you more Victory Points, with rewards based on how many VP you’ve earned at the end of five rounds. Blacktop Challenge is the most involved game mode and requires the largest deck (25 players), so you might want to hold off on it until you have some experience with the rest of My NBA 2K17.

A season is an actual 82-game simulation pitting your team against those of other players. It’s a long grind, with games going on around the clock. It’s also primarily a management challenge; you form a team of 15 players and three support cards to bring into season mode, and then you need to manage their energy levels (which drop after each game) to ensure their stats don’t fall too much. Energy cards can be won in Quick Games, providing some synergy between the two modes. Rewards are earned based on your final place in the standings, including playoffs if you make it that far.

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