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6 tips get more Ultra Rare, Epic or Legendary cards fast in My NBA 2K17(secrets of unlimited RP)

2017-01-04 21:21:50

Unlike NBA 2K17, My NBA 2K17 is a latest NBA card game from 2K. It’s just a game like WWE SuperCard. As it’s a card game, it’s necessary to understand what cards in My NBA 2K17. In My NBA 2K17, the advantage comes mostly from a card’s rarity —super rare is better than rare, which is better than uncommon —and then within the same tier, what level each card is. It’s not that easy to score these cards and unless you are very active in the game, you won’t achieve much, but follow our tips and you’ll get there faster than the rest.

Go to the top tiers ASAP
You will never get an Epic card if you’re still in the Super Rare or Ultra Rare tiers, so the first thing you have to do is to make sure you get to the higher tiers ASAP.To play a lot of games and use your cards to train your top 5 in order to move up the tiers.
Buy card packs
The same 10,000 RP you can spend on getting an Epic could be spent on buying a Big Player Pack from the store which could give you two Epic players (or none, so yes, there’s always this risk!) Or you can spend real life money and get the Foil Packs which have better rewards.

The Auction House
If you have the stacks of Reward Points, you should get some very rare cards this way. Epic cards sell for as low as 10,000 Reward points(RP) and prices might go down more as these cards become more popular. So definitely keep an eye on the market for some cheap purchases!
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100 Quick Games
Playing 100 Quick Games or Blacktop Challenges will give you more rare cards than playing just a few, so have in mind that the more active you are, the better.
The Blacktop Challenge
Blacktop Challenge - rewards you upon its completion with a ton of picks –up to 100+ cards at a time. This means that your chances of getting very rare cards based on your tier improve and it’s better to play the Blacktop Challenge instead of the regular Quick Games if you have the time. Just make sure that you are in an upper tier because the card rewards are based on your Tier!
Play Seasons
A quick way to get Ultra Rare, Epic or Legendary cards in My NBA 2K17 is to play seasons and win them or rank as high as possible. You need a very good team in order to both be in a good tier that rewards you with top cards and also be able to defeat the others. Play seasons only when you have a ton of energy cards available and start them early in the morning, so you can log in often to recharge your players with energy and keep them in top form. Seasons are at the moment the fastest and easiest way to get free very rare cards in the game.

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