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Blizzard announced beta testing of The Burning Crusade add-on for World of Warcraft Classic servers

2021-03-24 17:08:18

On the night of March 23-24, Blizzard announced beta testing of The Burning Crusade add-on for World of Warcraft Classic servers. Journalists, streamers and a limited number of WoW fans will have access to the addon trial. This is reported by the add-on developers.

The post by Blizzard community manager Josh Allen also said that having the option on your account yesterday was not indicative of whether you’d ultimately get beta access.

It’s unclear if any people who seemingly got access to the beta yesterday didn’t end up with it once the servers went live today. But some players who didn’t see the TBC beta as an option on their Battle.net client yesterday have been able to get into the beta servers.

As is usually the case for a Blizzard game’s beta test, not everyone is guaranteed access. Blizzard also warns players against phishing attempts that might lure a potential player in by offering access to the beta.

If World of Warcraft Classic’s release schedule is an indicator, The Burning Crusade Classic will likely see an August 2021 release. No extra purchases are necessary for access, other than a World of Warcraft subscription.

You can opt in on Blizzard’s site for a shot at getting into the beta on US or EU servers. WoW Classic’s upcoming expansion was initially revealed at BlizzCon earlier this year. Burning Crusade centres on a demonic faction called the Burning Legion, and primarily takes place in an area called the Outland. Alongside heaps of fighting and grinding, you can take to the new expansion as a Blood Elf or a Draenei.

The Burning Crusade is a 2007 expansion for World of Warcraft. In it, players had to fight in Outland with the demons of the Burning Legion, as well as with Illidan and Kael'thas.Earlier, a StaysafeTV insider reported that Blizzard will launch official servers with The Burning Crusade for WoW Classic on May 4, 2021.

Blizzard told IGN back in February that the company was willing to release a Wrath of the Lich King Classic if that’s what the player base wants.

"We want to hear what the community wants,” said lead software engineer Brian Birmingham. “What people want to see is what we want to do. If people are excited about the next chapters, then we want to hear about that and start talking about it."

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