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Dutch officials have recalled 600,000 face masks manufactured in China

2020-04-01 10:11:33

Dutch officials have recalled 600,000 face masks manufactured in China because they did not meet quality standards, the government’s health ministry said on Saturday.The news shocked frontline medical staff in the Netherlands, who rely on high-quality products to protect them from contracting Covid-19, Dutch public broadcaster NOS said.

Half of the shipment of 1.3 million supposedly top-of-the-line face masks – known as N95 in the United States and Hong Kong – had already been distributed to doctors and nurses treating the most critical Covid-19 patients, the government said. N95 masks – known as FFP2 in Europe or KN95 in mainland China – play a critical role in health care, as they are supposed to block over 90 per cent of airborne particles that may carry the coronavirus.

The Dutch experience is not the first time that European countries have had problems with coronavirus-related medical equipment manufactured in China. Last week, Spain announced that hundreds of thousands of rapid test kits sent by a Chinese company were unreliable, following similar reports in the Czech Republic. Furthermore,You can buy cheap KF94 Mask at z2u.com by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the masks did not fit well and the filters did not function properly. It was not immediately clear whether the batch in question was given to the Netherlands as a donation or came through a commercial transaction.

The problem with the Chinese masks was first discovered by hospitals that received them, with health workers finding the masks did not fit properly, casting doubt on the quality of the product.

FFP2 face masks are supposed to have a filter efficiency of 92 per cent, according to European standards. Dutch broadcaster NOS cited a source saying that the Chinese face masks were “not FFP2 quality nor of the lesser safety level of FFP1 – some sort of FFP0.8 at best”, meaning they had less than half the filter efficiency required for the FFP2 designation.

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