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EA Sports programs for Khedira Fifa 18

2017-12-25 10:22:37

FIFA 18 was the most popular football simulation game which was developed by EA Sports for PS4, XboxOne, Switch, iOS and Android and published on 26 September 2017. Features Frostbite Engine, Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and new leagues like CSL, FIFA 18 was one of the best football video game in 2014, surpassed by its descendents.

The video game Fifa 18 is not only popular among football professionals, but is also becoming more and more of a currency. Many complain that their values are too bad. Sami Khedira, however, had other problems.

Problems wherever you look: unfriendly coaches, dumb colleagues, whistling fans. And then there are these video game programmers who just ignore that you have a new hairstyle. No, football pros do not have it easy

In the game "Fifa 18" had the naughty of EA Sports the player of Juventus but actually programmed long hair - but they are already long gone. "Hey, EA Sports, Sami Khedira, after all, has taken his destiny into his own hands, so I'm glad you like my long hair, but I've been wearing it for two years," he tweeted on October 12th.

Well, the programmers did not let them sit on it. And zack: Khedira has now also virtually short hair. That pleased him. "I think now I look realistic, thanks for fixing, and I promise you that I'll never dye myself blonde."

An exception for the world champion? No, said an EA sports spokesman for the WELT: "That was certainly not an exception, However, it is very complicated to adjust hairstyles, which is why we can not replicate every barber visit or trend."

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