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Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Adds New Exit Points

2020-03-13 10:14:59

Not long ago, Escape From Tarkov cause long queue times due to poor server, and causing serious dissatisfaction among players. Battlestate Games claimed that backend issue is the major one and promised to spend more time improving the whole EFT system.

In a recent patch Version 0.12.4, it was announced that the Interchange map of EFT was reworked, which was originally a location gathered a large number of shopping malls, intersecting by two expressways, that is, players need to adapt to playing in a new environment during a short time.

Beyond new exits to navigate, the Interchange rework also boasts new lighting and a series of new objects that can be interacted with. In addition to those map-specific changes, version 0.12.4 will also see a handful of new systems introduced to the game. For instance, a new debuff called fatigue will appear if you don't conserve your stamina well enough. When active, fatigue will see players consume energy faster than usual, and will be unable to run, climb, or jump quite as easily. A hardcore debuff for a hardcore game.

The new patch will also introduce a weight mechanic. If players carry too much, they'll be weighed down, which comes with several debuffs. Players who are weighed down will make more noise, won't be able to move as quickly, and will end up spending more stamina even faster. Players will have to keep this in mind, along with several other pro tips, if they want to escape the nightmare.

Finally, and perhaps most controversially, Battlestate Games is bringing in an increased level requirement for Escape From Tarkov's in-game flea market. As it stands, players can get into the auction house as soon as they hit level 5. The upcoming patch will make it so that all players need to be level 15, regardless of whether or not they previously accessed the market. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Escape from Tarkov money from z2u.com at a reasonable price.

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