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EVE Echoes ran according to the original plan

2020-08-19 16:22:12

EVE Online Mobile ISK As announced in late July EVE Echoes ran according to the original plan with a pre-distribution starting on August 11 and official servers open on August 13.

This is one of those games that together with World of Warcraft and Lineage II forged the golden age of MMO games. Now owners of devices with Android and iOS can play EVE Echoes (because that's what the mobile version is called). The authors of the game are CCP Games (which is also responsible for the computer version) and the Chinese NetEase. Players can visit over eight thousand solar systems while up to a hundred people can take part in battles at the same time. Of course this is much less than in the case of the computer version but it is still an impressive result for a mobile game.

EVE Echoes will be distributed as part of a shareware model with microtransactions. EVE Echoes ISK for sale The developers promise that the mobile version of the MMO as in the main game will have more than 8,000 star systems economic model and advanced social mechanics.

You can retrieve the clients for Apple iOS on the App Store and for Google Android on Google Play. Similarly to what happened with the beta but fortunately to a much lesser extent a recent and decently performing smartphone is required given the graphics very similar to EVE Online (and therefore of very high quality).

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