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FIFA 18, Our trick to get Pirlo card on the FUT

2017-12-28 10:06:01

FIFA 18 is the most popular football simulation game now which was developed by EA Sports for PS4, XboxOne, Switch, iOS and Android and published on 26 September 2017. Features Frostbite Engine, Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and new leagues like CSL, FIFA 18 was one of the best football video game in 2017, surpassed by its descendents.

Here's how to get the card from Andrea Pirlo, up to 91 on FIFA 18, to make good big free kicks.Andrea Pirlo, this legendary player, joins the ranks of FIFA 18

23 years of professional pro in six clubs, 116 selections in the national team of Italy, and 128 goals during his career, these are called imposing statistics. A true legend of Italian and world football, Andrea Pirlo, 38, is not yet ready to abdicate. And given its characteristics, it's not surprising.

Combining the low positioning of a recovery medium to the role of playmaker, this player is really very complete, and he has made a name that will remain indelible in the history of football.

And as Parreira said, "he will transmit in a short way to his circles to build short game and in the intervals, but he can also delay playing sideways, or play long, whether with ball over the defense for an attacker left on the edge of offside, or a millimeter cross for a rear side mounted front positions.

So much so that he has been awarded a card in the simulation of EA Sports, FIFA 18. To have it you will have to accomplish team building challenges. The path will be more or less the same as for Robert Pirès.

Be careful though, you will have a little trouble to play it in full cohesion with your team. If his Italian nationality does not pose a problem, the fact that it currently evolves in New York (MLS) will, however, tilt the balance of the collective, and not necessarily to your advantage.

However, his exceptional qualities (including the free kick) will make his card up to 91 an excellent asset. So here's how to get it, after two challenges.

Team Creation Challenge "No Pirlo"

To accomplish this challenge, you will have to separate from the Futmas card of our favorite Italian MLS. It will not be easy but exchanging Pirlo's Futmas card will be a sacrifice to make. If you do not know how to get it, here's how to do it.

You're going to have to achieve a rather easy objective on the online single match mode. Nothing is complicated: the challenge requires three decisive lobe passes. So you will have to make this expensive combination of the L1-Triangle. Hurry, because time is running out.

Once done, you will be able to achieve the second challenge.

Team Creation Challenge "No Party"

To accomplish this challenge, you will have to fulfill certain mandatory conditions. As you can imagine, it will be necessary to own players of clubs where the star has passed.

You will therefore have at least a player who plays at AC Milan. A player from Inter Milan (at least) will also be needed to complete this challenge. To finish with the teams, you will finally need a player of Juventus of Turin (Dybala for example). Also remember to take at least two Italian players.

In addition, you must also obtain a team score of at least 83, and a collective mark of at least 80.If there are players on which you will have to rely, we advise you the following ones. You will have for example Gueye, Howedes, Icardi, Juan Mata, Matic, Mahrez, Perin, Romagnoli or also Schneiderlin.

For the rest, all you have to do is relax, have fun, and swing the dose of deadly kicks. Speaking of kicks, here is a little video "gift", which puts you in scene the best free kicks of Andrea Pirlo.

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