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FIFA 18 new features and visual effects updates

2017-12-18 10:10:14

As usual, the latest version of EA’s FIFA contains all the teams, stadia, and kits from the real-life organization. The game speed has been reduced compared to the previous version, making the gameplay feel far more realistic. As part of the new look, the developers have improved the animations inside the game – and they can also be interrupted by the players eager to start their next move. Thus, player realism, responsiveness, and versatility in the game is also improved.

EA Sports’ FIFA 2018 will surely be one of the hit releases this holiday season and beyond, especially due to the big media attention soccer is going to get in the coming year. It is World Cup year, after all, and this means that the world will burn in soccer fever. A good part of the game’s success is due to the many improvements that have made the game even more spectacular than last year’s edition.

The game’s career mode where you can do well on the pitch and you can earn in-game coins just like you do in online casino games! But this career mode, called “The Journey”, is making its influence felt in other game modes, too, like the options available for the dialogue when negotiating transfers, and the new skill trees that are now part of the Pro Clubs.

One of the major advantages of the FIFA series is its massive volume of game modes – and FIFA 18 is not an exception. The Journey: Hunter Returns is the new game’s story mode that continues on the previous game’s story. While it is still very short – the game has been criticized in the past for this – it is one of the most spectacular features of the game.

But let’s not forget about the shortcomings the game still has. One of the most heavily criticized parts of the game is the way star players are realized. Many say that they are overpowered, both when it comes to their skill and their shooting power. Plus, the game’s focus on the offensive play makes the game a bit unbalanced due to the lackluster defense.

Last but not least, let’s take a brief look at one of the best things about FIFA 18: its atmosphere. While it sometimes lacks the complexity and attention to gameplay some of its rivals have, its gameday atmosphere is something hard to match. Add this to its improved gameplay compared to FIFA 17, the many game modes, and its amazing visuals, and you have a game that is destined to be a success.

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