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How to Replay the Far Cry New Dawn Outposts

2019-02-19 12:05:47

The Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions can be accessed from one of the eight facilities in Prosperity; the helipad. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Far Cry ND Credits kindly go to our site. There, you'll see a helicopter covered in a tarpaulin. Speak to Roger, the helicopter pilot, and he'll mention being able to take you on Expeditions. However, you won't be able to set out until you start upgrading the helipad with Ethanol. If you don't have enough yet, set out into Hope County and capture a Highwaymen Outpost or two. Each you capture an Outpost, you'll be rewarded with Ethanol. You should quickly be able to amass enough to upgrade the helipad and get started with Expeditions.
From the starting point, look for pink smoke; this smoke designates the location of a special pack of resources which you're there to steal. Get to the smoke, look around nearby for the package, and pick it up. Whether or not you've been stealthy up to that point, an alarm will immediately sound once you grab the package. What's more, the package has a GPS tracker on it, so the Highwaymen will always know where you are. At this point, you'll be facing endless waves of Highwaymen, so run to the extraction zone and hold the Highwaymen off while Roger lands. Once he does, get into the helicopter and you'll escape.
But you need a lot of it, and there are only a handful of outposts to conquer. The solution Ubisoft came up with is that you can unliberate outposts, and then take them over again fighting even tougher enemies, acquiring more ethanol in the process. Not only does this make zero sense, but it proves to be incredibly tedious. Worse still, it's not optional; in order to do things like craft high-level weapons, which you need for late-game battles, you'll have to go through this process a few times.
The one nice exception is the new Saw Launcher, which shoots circular saw blades. Higher tier versions of the weapon actually have noticeably different properties, like the ability to shoot saw blades with ricocheting, homing, and boomerang traits. It's the only weapon which truly feels like it was borne out of the post-apocalypse, improvised from scavenged parts. Aerosol cans, pipes, and spray paint might give the other guns and cars a cool look, but it doesn't change how familiar they feel.
Nana is one of the Gun for Hire characters which you can find in the game's world. Nana is a stealth sniper and as you can imagine, you can use Nana to empty an Outpost without getting spotted. For this, we recommend a few things. First, unlock the binocular perk and then upgrade Nana to Rank 3. Locate a place near the Outpost where enemies can't see you and tag enemies using your binocular. Now, let Nana do the rest. This will not only help you to liberate Outposts faster but will also give you undetected bonus.
Once that first upgrade is complete, Roger will speak to you and explain Expeditions in more detail. You can choose to set out from the in-game menu whenever you want; simply choose your destination and Roger will take you there. Note that you can bring your Guns-for-Hire with you.

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