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Let Pointssale.com Teach You How to Dunk in 2K19

2019-01-07 17:26:38

When you break through opponent’s defensive line, the best next step is to dunk. NBA 2K19 is more simulation oriented than ever before, so dunking isn’t as easy as just pressing a button. Although shoot or pass to allies are decent choices, but I will make a dunk if the ball holder has decent dunk stats. However, dunking in NBA 2K19 can be pretty common place once you know what you need to do.
In NBA Live 19 gamers can’t check the specific attributes like dunk or juke of a specific player, but 2K Sports provides the possibility. Your best chance to get a dunk in NBA 2K19 is to have a player with a high stats for the move. Your second best chance to get a dunk in NBA 2K19 is to be driving towards the basket. Because this guide is only theoretical, so you need to Buy 2K19 Points from pointssale.com to be ready for the awesome control.
Before You Start – Dunk Preparation
The basic dunks in the NBA 2K19 game are a two-hand dunk, flashy dunk, and a dominant or off-hand dunk. Here’s how to perform each of them:
Two-Handed Dunk: Press R2 (PS4 controller) or RT (Xbox controller) to sprint towards the basket and move the right thumb stick up. Hold right thumb stick up as you drive to the basket for the two-handed jam.
You can check the specific button control from NBA 2K official forum pinned threads, now we won’t overstate here due to the limited time and space, we want to introduce more cautions for you to make a better dunk. 

How to Dunk in NBA 2K19 - Advanced Dunking
Within the NBA 2K19 game, you can perform a variety of other entertaining dunks. They include the Reverse, Spin Dunk, Eurostep, Hopstep, and Free-Throw Line dunks.
Reverse Dunk: Press R2 (PS4) or RT (Xbox One) to sprint towards the basket on the baseline. Hold R towards the baseline.
Spin Dunk: Press R2 (PS4) or RT (Xbox One) to sprint towards the basket. Double tap Square (PS4) or X button (Xbox One) and hold R2 as you do it to perform the dunk.
As a dunker, you should know there are no perfect tactic, if you dunk too much your opponents will notice that’s maybe your habit or only score method, they will be active in defense. So only make dunks when it’s proper. You should ensure your shoot and alley-oop both great enough then you can make high difficulty dunk. Different from reality, every player in different height are same to dunk in NBA 2K19, so you don’t need to worry about the players’ height or wingspan neither.
Free-Throw Line Dunk: Press R2 or RTto rush to basket. Hold Square (PS4) or X (Xbox One) near the free throw line.
That’s all there is to it, though! That’s how you dunk in NBA 2K19. A lot of things come into play when trying to dunk in NBA 2K19. You have player stamina to deal with, as well as whether a player has the given attributes to do a dunk and whether the player has a path to the basket as well. We wish you will have a correct understanding on this special scoring method, instead of abuse dunk in 2K19 even if when you are facing tons of tacklers intermediate you from making a dunk.

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