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MADDEN NFL 18 German Masters battle

2017-12-02 11:27:15

Hamburg - Friday night is Madden time on ran.de. And the sixth cup of the MADDEN NFL 18 German Masters promised a lot of excitement. In round one the tournament could have ended for the eventual winner "Redman" even before it had really started. But in a punctuated game three points were enough to beat the win against "Sim0n_23". After that "Redman" won over Oberwasser. A 44: 7 in the second round 28:13 in the second round and 28:10 in the quarterfinals brought "Redman" in a good starting position.

Tried three times and finally it worked. For Redman the sixth tournament was already the third attempt at the MADDEN NFL 18 German Masters.

Finale at eye level

By that time all players who had not competed with the New England Patriots had already left the tournament. The team of Tom Brady was the favorite of all four remaining participants. It became harder for "Redman". However 16:10 was enough to give him "Aman" to reach the final with "bucket" waiting to win his semi-final 42:17.

"Redman" versus "bucket" - and in the final showed that both players acted at altitude. After four quarters however it was "Redman" who won the last match of the tournament. 28:23 he won the game and secured his final ticket.

For all Madden enthusiasts it will continue next Friday. Only two places left for the big offline final in Munich are open and will be played in the coming weeks. All information about the MADDEN NFL 18 German Masters can be found HERE.

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