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My NBA 2K17 Guide: Everything you need to know about how to get more and better cards

2017-01-04 21:28:28

If you are a My NBA 2K17 new beginner, you need know all of these below. My NBA 2k17 tips, cheats and strategies will help you learn this game better.

What’s My NBA 2K17?
At it’s most basic level, My NBA 2K17 is a game won by comparing the stats on your players’cards to those on your opponent’s cards. You’re told which stats are going to be used for the comparison (either one or two) and how many players are involved (again, it can be one or two), and then you choose your guys and hope for the best. Different game modes add more wrinkles, but the underlying formula remains the same.
My NBA 2K17 cards
Super rare is better than rare, which is better than uncommon —and then within the same tier, what level each card is.

My NBA 2K17 cards level up
Cards can be leveled up by selecting them from ‘MyCARDS’in the main menu, then tapping on ‘Improve.’Hit the ‘Train’button and choose cards you’d like to sacrifice to level up the target, just like in nearly every mobile card game since the dawn of time.
How to get more and better My NBA 2K17 Cards
Post-game draft picks, Season rewards , Event rewards and The in-game shop .
My NBA 2K17 Modes
Quick game, Blacktop Challenge and Season.

My NBA 2K17 Going Pro
Even lowly common cards can be magically transformed into better versions of themselves by turning them pro. To turn a player pro, you’ll need three extra copies of that same player at the same tier, along with a contract card. The main player also needs to be at max level, which could vary depending on what rarity he is. The contract and the duplicate player cards are consumed in the process, so make sure you’re willing to part with them.


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