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NBA 2K21 sees new life on the PlayStation 5

2020-12-30 17:25:55

NBA 2K21 sees new life on the PlayStation 5, and benefits quite nicely from the extra horsepower. While it is not a completely different game than the one that came out a couple of months ago, this iteration of the series does do several things differently.

Next-Gen Advancements

nba 2k21

An entire city at our disposal
Another important novelty, much publicized by 2K Games, and with reasons, is the City, the logical evolution of the Neighborhood. Once the story mode of My Career is finished, almost –MASI- traced to that of the previous generation, we find ourselves before us an open environment of overwhelming dimensions at first. So much so that the use of a means of locomotion is mandatory, because otherwise, traveling from one point to another will be tremendously heavy, although a fast travel function would not hurt. Of course, we cannot access the City first, and first we will have to beat each other in a few 3 x 3 street games to prove our worth. There is nothing to fear, it is something that can be done in a couple of hours, also depending on our skill as players.

Fortunately, we can talk again about something positive, and that is that the inclusion of the WNBA this time is without half measures. There is no longer only the possibility of playing friendly matches, but also of enjoying a complete way through several seasons, and what is better, embodying a player during her career in the league. This characteristic is present with practically the same options as in its male counterpart, with the exception, obviously, of those associated with the City. That is to say: in addition to creating our player -with a complete editor of physical appearance and archetypes- and choosing a team in which to start, we can make the usual decisions of a player, with an interesting inclusion that forges our personality, or rather , our role in the league.

Player designs look amazing, with incredibly life-like facial features and movements replicating many NBA stars real-life playing styles is a fun an immersive aspect of the game. Being able to shoot like Curry or dunk like LeBron always brings a great level of enjoyment the gaming experience. Even the crowds more rendered than previous instalments of the franchise, creating a lively atmosphere in game whether it’s an exhibition bout or game 7 in a final series in MyCareer mode.

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