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Path of Exile Best Solo Class 2020: POE Best Class for Beginners

2020-07-15 09:36:07

What is the best class in Poe? What class should I play Path of Exile? As a beginner, you may confuse of choosing the class. In this article, we are going to talk about the best class for new beginners in Path of Exile.


There are six classes available from the start of the game, and one more you unlock during the campaign. Before you pick your class, think about the fantasy role you want to fulfill. You can sling spells, shoot arrows, or bash a zombie’s head in with a hammer as any class — but some classes excel in one area over the others. Having an idea of which of those three playstyles you’d like to excel at will help your class selection process.
POE Best Class for Beginners
Choose Marauder as your class for the first playthrough of the game. Here’s why. He’s a tanky character that does a better job at surviving. He can take a few hits too. More important, Marauder has some of the best attacks you can use to take down enemies with area of effect (AoE) skills. As you’ll see in the video, once you get your hands on Saunder, Ground Slam, and Tectonic Slam, you’ll find it much easier to beat enemy hordes without an effort.
Scion: Ascendant - Scion focused on three types of attributes, Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, which made it become a hybrid class of POE. Because of it, this is one of the hardest classes to handle in POE, and for ordinary players, it is difficult to grasp its steep learning curve, and you must plan out for its build before playing, some tiny mistakes are likely to cause you to have to redo everything all over again. However, it is a diverse character to provide enough versatility for veterans as they could play around with stats and create a powerful build.
Elementalist (Witch) - The Elementalist ascendancy for the Witch class is flexible and powerful. Utilizing the arcane powers of fire, ice, and lightning, the Elementalist burns, freezes, and shocks her way through packs of mobs with ease. As is typical of Path of Exile, there are multiple routes to success with the Elementalist Witch. It won’t take you long to realize that The Elementalist is a badass. She deals devastating damage and often in an AOE format. This means she’s got great clear speeds, and she excels using some of the flashiest, fascinating looking skills in the game.
These are top three best classes for beginners in Path of Exile, hope this guide can help you choose your correct class. By the way, if you are a beginner, you also need the support of POE Currency. Z2U.com is the one of the secure marketplace to buy cheap POE Orbs, 100% hand-made, safe and fast delivery!

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