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Rise of Kingdoms One-Year Anniversary Event Revealed

2019-12-06 14:11:36

Rise of Kingdoms, the real-time strategy MMO downloaded by more than 30 million players on iOS and Android, prepares to celebrate its one-year anniversary on Sept. 21 with a brand-new CG trailer setting the stage for major new content to mark the occasion. The new trailer features a sample of the Heroes and their Civilizations facing off against each other; showing the epic battles of trust and betrayal regularly occurring between Governors and their alliances in a stunning, cinematic experience. A behind-the scenes video shows all the details put into crafting the Heroes in the trailer, and the references used to bring them to life.

Starting Sept. 14, Governors can take part in a week-long event celebrating Rise of Kingdoms first anniversary. Governors complete challenges earning candles to upgrade their Alliance’s Anniversary Cake, obtaining rewards such as new skins. Logging in for eight consecutive days earn diligent Governors a new legendary hero, the Korean commander Queen Seondeok.

Seondeok, the first queen of the Korean kingdom of Silla, offers a number of passive and active skills with a focus on strengthening a Governor’s resource gathering. Passive skills like Insightful helps increase gold and resource gathering speed, Magnanimous fortifies siege units at gathering points, and her active skill Modest can deal massive damage to a single target while reducing its rage. Buy Cheap ROK Resources via reputable seller 5mmo.com, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

In Rise of Kingdoms, players assume the roles of Governors trying to rule the world, commanding a diverse set of Heroes from international Civilizations throughout history such as Caesar, Barbarossa, and Joan of Arc. Battle other Governors in real-time clashes on a massive world map with treacherous terrain, realistic day-night cycles, on servers hosting more than 100,000 players. Conquer all that stands in the way like rampaging warlords, build strong defensive states, or employ a variety of other strategies.

“We are thrilled tens of millions of players have laid their claim to glory in Rise of Kingdoms during the first year of global release with all the intense special events so far,” said Zilong Zhang, Head of Publishing, Lilith Games. “We can’t wait for our current players to see what’s in store, and for new people to join the intense real-time strategic battles!”

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