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Rogue Company Launches First Season with a Cinematic Trailer

2021-02-06 11:40:41

Today the world’s top hired guns got their biggest new content drop yet as Rogue Company kicks off its Season One. This major update for First watch Games’’ slick cross-platform shooter is out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC – plus on Xbox Series X & S where Rogue Company has been available for free as a native game since release.

Hi-Rez Studios’ slick cross-platform shooter Rogue Company is preparing to launch its biggest content update yet. Season one will mark the game’s first-ever battle pass, which offers 50 different rewards for players to grind toward.

Newest Rogue, Kestrel
Season One also sees the introduction of our newest Rogue, Kestrel. A deadly, damage-dealing, duelist on the battlefield, Kestrel was a founding member of Rogue Company who retired in favor of making a fortune in the fashion industry. But now she’s back, and ready to wreak havoc with the aid of her deadly Halo Drone ability. A squadron of miniature attack drones, these explosive-packed aerial vehicles heed her command and attack any enemy who gets in her way. Part fashion icon, part hardened warrior, Kestrel doesn’t just embody the Rogue Company philosophy of “Save the Day, Look Good, Get Paid” – she invented it!

Kestrel is armed with two new automatic weapons and can unleash self-driven rocket-firing drones with her active ability. Passively she makes the best of her reputation for excellence by claiming extra cash every time she downs a target.

Get busy battlin’
Some of Rogue Company‘s Season 1 battle pass items will be free. As per usual, purchasing the premium pass after doing some leveling on the free version will subsequently unlock any cosmetics that you would have earned. One of these rewards is an account booster which is obtained exclusively through the battle pass. There’s a lot more to see, including new outfits and a lot of flashy trinkets to spice up your wanton acts of violence.

Improved Ranked system
Both ensuring a fair competition and providing the thrills of accomplishment, Rogue Company’s Ranked mode is now made of Tiers split into divisions where players rise and fall based on performance. This structure is complemented by new features such as placement matches, party restrictions, and seasonal rewards.

We here at First Watch Games are excited to present Season One to all of our players, whether you’re a seasoned Rogue returning to the fight or a new recruit who is joining us for the first time. We hope you enjoy everything this season has in store for you, and we’ll see you on the battlefield! Download and play our Season One update for free today!

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