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share u what change in this mu legend updated.

2017-12-21 10:09:02

MU Legend is the successor of MU Online, which is a South Korean MMORPG developed and published by Webzen Games on March 23, 2017 in Korea, and on November 7 the same year in EU, US. Developed under Unreal Engine 3, one of the most stable game engine on the market, the game features decent 3D graphics and frame rate. MU Legend continued the gorgeous character designation, especially the outfits. Dungeons in MU Legend always features massive mobs aside from bosses, in which player will enjoy the killing spree.

Mu legend have updated, Mu Legend have deactivated the Mail System and face to face trade in game,Now Mmocs.com will share u what change in this mu legend updated.

 The upkeep is now over and players can delight in once again MU Legend.As a part of today’s upkeep, a patch has been applied, please discover the patch notes under:
As a short-term measure following our present investigation and action, Mu legend've got deactivated the following services in game:
- Mail Technique
- 1 on 1 Trade

Bug Fixes:
- Heat Mine Mythic difficulty, every day mission problem.
- Fixed the concern with the monster "Cave Belbee Goblin Archer". It was impossible to attack/ kill it at Lupa's Labyrinth.
- Fixed problem using the 'Raging Shout' skill for the Blader.

Temporary locked in game features:
Driven by the intention to make MU Legend a extra agreeable game encounter, these locked features will likely be once again available as quickly as our developpers may have deployed a repair that they are currently functioning on."
Ban List:
- Mu Legend have applied a mass ban throughout the maintenance. 5000+ accounts happen to be impacted throughout this last wave, please make contact with our assistance in case you feel you had been wrongly picked. We will verify it manually and unlock the account if that's the case.
Attributes Adjustments:
- Removed megaphone item from day-to-day login rewards of gold and platinum players.
- Changed the item list for daily login rewards.

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