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Stellaris is free to play on Steam for its 4th anniversary

2020-07-20 15:54:29

The space sandbox game "Stellaris" is marking its fourth anniversary this week and to celebrate, the game's creators at Paradox Interactive have made it free on Steam through May 17.

"Stellaris" is an expansive space exploration game that launches players into a universe full of strange new worlds to explore, resources to exploit and, yes, enemies who are out for your empire. Billed as a "sci-fi grand strategy game" by Paradox, the base version of "Stellaris" typically costs $39.99, but you can try it for free on Steam here during its fourth-anniversary celebration.

In addition, the studio reveals the game’s hit some other huge milestones this year. “In March 2020,” Paradox announces, “four years after its initial release, Stellaris earned an all-time high for monthly active users and reached a milestone of over three million units sold.” If you are in need of Cheap Stellaris CD Key, come to z2u.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “Z2U”.

Head to Steam Charts and you can see that, based on the number of players using Valve’s platform at least, the game did see its highest ever average user figure in March, and the highest peak player count recorded since May 2016.

The entire space game is almost not the same compared to its 2016 iteration. So many of its downloadable content expanded so much of the gameplay. Much of the changes, however, veil behind the many DLCs. These downloadable content are not available for free play this week. Even then, a lot of the good stuff are into the base game for Stellaris. Players can explore universes, build their own worlds, and employ galactic wars.

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