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The biggest features of BarbarQ is to encounter and fight with global savages

2020-05-18 10:14:35

From afar, there was always something appealing about Agar.io and the multitude of imitators that spawned in its wake. The idea of having a somewhat persistent arena to battle around in is a cool idea, but no game really felt like it built particularly interesting or deep mechanics around the concept. This is precisely what BarBarQ does, and it makes for a pretty neat experience, though it isn’t quite what you’d want from an Agar.io-like.

Throughout the gameplay of BarbarQ, players will never be left out, with the mind of all the allies, teamwork is nonignorable. The ultimate victory only comes when players achieve the top ranking. The mushrooms and random skills on the map will empower you! Apart from random team-up function, players could always team up with their friends and family to fight together or purely enjoy traffic-free AI mode. Furthermore, players can also build up their own dream teams to beat other savages and dominate the arena.

As you rack up the points in a game of BarBarQ, your character also levels up and allows you to unlock new abilities. These abilities can give your character things like the ability to block, increased movement speed, special attacks, and even stat changes.The only thing about these upgrades is that you are given three random ones to choose from each time you level up. This makes it so you can’t just level up to spec your character in the same way every time, and have to rely on making tactical decisions in the moment every time you play. In addition, Cheap BarBarQ Accounts is on hot sale at our website z2u.com.

The pixel art design adds more fun to the game. BarbarQ also cooperated with Rage Comic to allow players to communicate with emoji. Don’t hesitate to use this interesting and cute expression or even create some secret code with it for team internal communication.

When it comes down to it, BarBarQ feels more mechanically interesting but conceptually more dull than something like Agar.io. In providing a meatier combat and upgrade system, BarBarQ moves .io games a step in the right direction, but then takes two steps back by removing some of the core mechanics around what makes these kinds of games so special in the first place.

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