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The game returns in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered

2020-11-10 14:53:12

NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered Bounty Need for Speed diehards might not agree but Criterion's Hot Pursuit was a triumphant arcade racer back in 2010. A slick handling model and a choice selection of vehicles led to epic police chases through miles of winding roads and the Autolog feature brought addictive asynchronous multiplayer to the forefront. A decade later the game returns in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered and for the most part it's aged very well indeed.

It’s not just the base game since the remastered version of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit also offers all the previously-released DLC. This means at least 30 challenges and six additional hours of gameplay.

Being honest a Quality-style setting feels unnecessary for any racing game and that’s true here with the few extra visual bells and whistles little reward when you’re sacrificing the smoother frame rate. Sadly the regular PS4 and Xbox One have to suffer along with 30fps which is exactly the same as the original game. When we’re on the cusp of another generation 30fps racing games feel like a remnant of the past.

And Autolog is back. The feature which tracks your friends every step of the way to fuel competition was pretty groundbreaking back in 2010 and in 2020 it supports cross-platform play. Now you can compete with anyone not just friends who share a copy of the PC Xbox or PlayStation version.

There are a good amount of event types Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered Bounty but they do begin to get repetitive after spending hours and hours haring around familiar roads. You can even play in a free roam mode but with zero objectives it feels pointless — unless you're looking for a peaceful drive. That said it's hard to have a bad time when the handling along with strategic use of the equipment and weapons at your disposal is so fun.

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