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The next Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC will indeed feature the Nanman

2020-08-05 15:44:37

One of the most requested additions for Total War: Three Kingdoms since its release has been the Nanman; the so-called Southern Barbarians who dwelled in southern China during the Three Kingdoms period. At long last, Creative Assembly has now confirmed that the next Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC will indeed feature the Nanman. Moreover, it could be one of the largest DLCs the game has gotten yet.

According to the studio, this new Nanman DLC will be a totally new DLC format called an Expansion Pack. Previously, Creative Assembly has focused on releasing Chapter Pack DLCs, such as the Eight Princes, which introduce new campaigns. This ‘Expansion Pack’ will be something new, and is apparently set to be very large. Among the new features teased by Creative Assembly is the addition of gate pass battles, as well as new settlements on the campaign map to make strategic passes more defensible.

Alongside the Nanman DLC, Creative Assembly also plans to release a new Free-LC Lord for the Han Empire. Additionally, they are reportedly working on; “new options to stop characters dying from old age at the beginning of the campaign, and some UI changes that we think will make a big difference.” And if you want to buy Total War: Three Kingdoms PC, visit z2u.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

This is reported to be a big pack, and most of the details haven’t been released yet. There will be a new free Han Lord released as well for anyone who doesn’t want to buy in.The blog post also gives some clue as to what the second ‘Expansion Pack’ will be looking at. The team is aware that apparently, Hulao Pass and even Mount Song itself are in the wrong place. This isn’t something they can fix for this expansion, but the next expansion is apparently going to flesh out the north of the map anyway, so this issue will be addressed then.

Finally, the studio also addressed fan criticism of Hulao Pass. Specifically, the slight problem that it’s currently in the wrong place in the game. “Hulao Pass is positioned north of Mount Song,” explains Creative Assembly; “and we have placed it there on the 3K map. The issue is that the mountain is in the wrong place. This was pointed out to us but at a place where fixing it would break all of our internal saves”. What this means is that it will still be in the incorrect location with the next update. However, the studio is reportedly working on a future update to fix the location. This will apparently release around the same time as a second Expansion Pack DLC. All that Creative Assembly have said of this DLC is that it will focus on the north of the map.

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