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Uncharted Waters Online Shipbuilding System Released

2019-10-28 16:39:42

Seoul, South Korea - CJ E&M announced today an expansion of ship building choices in the seafaring MMO Uncharted Waters Online, along with additional updates. In the nautical adventure, a stealthy and fast ship is a vital asset, but the previous shipbuilding options were limited and prevented customization. With the additional features to shipbuilding, players will be able to upgrade and customize their vessel to get the upper hand against other voyagers. If you want to know the safest way to buy Uncharted Waters Online Gold, I recommend you buy it via z2u.com, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

Players can choose the materials for the hull, sails and gunport to build their own unique ships. How you combine the materials and equipment will decide how durable and capable your ships are and contribute to success or failure for the expedition. Not only are players offered more options, as they become familiar with their ship they can attain 'Steering Proficiency,' which gives players more control while sailing and additional shipbuilding options. With all upgrades and customization, ships will attain higher resistance to the rough weather. If a player receives a 'Wave resistance' higher than 11, their ship will have the power to pass through a storm or blizzard, flying past opponents to victory! With our best and cheapest Uncharted Waters Online Items, get yourself with powerful items, pets and equipment, become the key player in each mission.

Players entirely new to Uncharted Waters Online, or those starting fresh characters, can now travel to a new Training School in the town of Sagres, a location featuring helpful tutorials and access to special activities that allow faster progression through the game’s early levels. New players can also enjoy reduced Shipbuilding Level requirements, granting access to the comprehensive Shipbuilding and modification systems as low as Skill Rank 1. If you are in lack of Uncharted Waters Online Power Leveling, visit our site z2u.com, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

There is plenty in store for experienced players in Chapter 1 of Order of the Prince as well. ‘Post-limit Shipbuilding’ is now available, allowing for additional Ship Improvements to be added to Ships beyond previous limitations. Furthermore, PvP battle restrictions have been scaled back (for a trial period), promising to make the high seas far more dynamic and dangerous. A new PvP mode is also available, the Epic Pirate Feud, pitting pirate factions against one another in a deadly battle on the open seas. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Uncharted Waters Online Accounts, you can visit our website z2u.com.

Additionally, CJ E&M is providing players with new ways to communicate and explore uncharted territory. Currently the chatting system limits communication to players within a certain distance. But with this update, the chatting system is open to the world, so players now can talk to others located anywhere in the Uncharted Waters Online!

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