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V4 will be undergoing its largest content update

2020-11-27 15:07:38

V4 Red Gems Nexon’s MMORPG cross-platform marvel V4 will be undergoing its largest content update when the all-new Archer class arrives next week on Wednesday Nov. 18.

The class itself is unsurprisingly best suited to attacking from range and will be the first new class added to the game since it first launched. The Archer has very short skill activation times meaning you'll be able to dish out damage very quickly. In fact she is apparently the fastest classes available at the moment. There are six of these skills in total and they can be activated very quickly one after another allowing the Archer to seriously disrupt the battlefield.

Archer is a long range attacker equipped with his main weapon "bow" and Cheap V4 Red Gemssecondary weapon "bow" with attack power. Called "The enemy must be submissive" because Archer has a fast attack skill. Making Archer a class that "Fastest" in Zillunas goes by default.

To celebrate the arrival of the Archer players all across the globe can partake in amazing limited-time events including:

Check-In Event: Available from November 18th players can participate in a 14-day check-in event to support gear for the new Archer class with Brellan gear set Rare Mount Pet and Companion.
Mega Prime Time Event: The Mega Prime Time Event available from November 18th allows players to support their character development with rewards increasing to max 500 percent EXP constant Prime Time.
Archer Update Celebration Event: Available from November 18th gives player 300% EXP potion Epic companion Shuryl and Demon stone when user reaching at certain level

There will also be a couple of other additions to V4 alongside the update. A new area called the Anguished Forest will become available and the Beast's Void will receive a new Phantom Abyss Dungeon. Beyond that you'll find new gear slots Legendary Eldon Earrings and Epic Ring crafting recipes.

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