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World of Warcraft vs WOW Classic 2020: which server should new players choose

2020-07-15 09:34:13

If you are a new player, should you go to World of Warcraft or WOW Classic? For novices, this is indeed a matter of choice.


For this question, it depends on which style of game you play.
1. For the sake of appearance, frankly speaking, the content of WOW Classic is indeed limited. After all, it is the first generation. No matter how equipped the pet is, the World of Warcraft has been precipitated for many years. The content is extremely huge. If you like to watch the game, it is recommended to play World of Warcraft; World of Warcraft can collect a large number of mounts, pets, and pet battles.
2. In order to challenge, WOW Classic has a limited number of copies.The weakening of version 1.12 is obvious to all. Although I love WOW Classic, I am not very hopeful about the challenge of simple copies, and the multi-difficulty mechanism of WOW can satisfy newcomers. The full coverage of GoPlay can give you a very stable growth, but the shortcomings are also obvious. There are too many elements and the rhythm is too fast. If it is not a new expansion, it will still be stressful to adapt.
3. In order to socialize, there is actually a difference between the two versions.I personally think that WOW’s socialization is less cohesive. You can do other things without dropping the equipment. Most people are playing with Buddha, which means there is no need to have too much dependence, the lone wolf likes to have fun, and WOW Classic strongly needs teammates. It can be said that without teammates, it is difficult to continue to experience for too long. The strong cohesion brought by strong socialization, no matter Whether it is friendship or dispute is very prominent, and the sense of substitution is very strong, just like many people in World of Warcraft think that they are already light and windy, and as a result, when they come to WOW Classic, they will be positive with people for equipment or other things, as if they have found it back. The blood of the year, this is the advantage of WOW Classic, if you like hard-core social networking, WOW Classic is recommended.
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