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You Can Really Maximize on Your Rune Farming and Progress Your Summoners War Account

2018-09-30 15:00:16

Summoners War is here to satisfy your gaming experience with its exciting and thrilling gameplay. It is one of the most renowned RPGs which has garnered over 80 million users around the world. Each monster is divided into various grades based on its star rating, or the number of stars it possesses, and star color. Sacrificing monsters of the same star rating allows monsters to evolve, increasing their strength.
These monsters you can start working on from the very beginning and you could complete the whole set by level 20-25 if you work hard. Once you have these monsters you'll have a rock solid team that is capable of many end game battles. Giant's Keep, Basement 10 should be your first major goal in SW because runes are by far the most important thing to focus on, without great runes you won't be able to succeed in any area of the game. With the new update, you will get the water Magic Knight Lapis once you complete Mt. Siz normal.
Whenever you have some leftover energy, you can play dungeons. Dungeons are one of the best sources of quality runes. How you probably already know higher floors give you a better chance of dropping a higher rune grade and rarity. Farming Giant's Keep is one of the first major goals you should aim for that is why you should be preparing for your core GB10 team.
Energy runes - HP +15%
Fatal runes - Attack power +35%
Blade runes - Critical rate +12%
Swift runes - Attack speed +25%
Despair runes - Stun rate +25%
After successfully connecting your phone, open Summoners War and tap the keyboard icon. Choose the control that you want to enable from the emerging buttons. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain a lot more data relating to Buy Summoners War Accounts kindly pay a visit to the web site. The stats of a monster determine the strength of its attacks and skills. Furthermore, a monster's stats can be enhanced by powering it up through the sacrifice of other monsters. You'll feel awesome when you awaken and max the skills of any of these two star monsters and be much stronger because of it.
If you buy multiple packs every month or just have very little time to play Summoners War then you might want to consider speed as a more important factor to maximize your rune drops. If you already have you starter team capable of farming GB10 reliably, scroll down to either the Fast Team or Speed team sections.
From my experiment, Lapis should be able to do Faimon normal at 4 stars with decent 3-4 star runes. You should also start collecting monsters and building your Giants B10 team. You also need to farm water and magic essences to awaken Lapis so you can use her leader skill. You can awaken Elucia too, but it won't make some huge difference. There are some elements in the game that might have confused you when you started playing Summoners War. A green arrow indicates that your current monster's attribute is strong against your opponent's monster's attribute.

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